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Stacked Corners Napkin

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Animation: Stacked Corners Napkin Folding (Easy Store)Animation: Stacked Corners Napkin Folding
Stacked Corners Napkin Folding (Easy Store)

Stacked Corners Napkin Folding

Start with the Napkin prefolded as a square. Fold up all four loose corners to make a stepped family of corners. Finally, tuck each side under the napkin.

How to fold the Stacked Corners Napkin

Ease of Folding: This pleasing design can be folded very quickly.

Fabric: This design can be folded using any fabric. However some of the variations (below) require stiffer fabric.

Precision: Precision is critical because the corners should make a neat graduated family.

Variations: This same basic design can be finished in several different ways: the two edges can be folded in so that the sides are parallel; at step 5 the design can be rolled into a tube and stood up in a glass; and the basic design can be finished as a Bishop's Hat, or a Single Pocket.

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