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Twin Pockets Napkin

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Animation: Twin Pockets Napkin Folding (Half Start)Animation: Twin Pockets Napkin Folding
Twin Pockets Napkin Folding (Half Start)

Twin Pockets Napkin Folding

Start with the napkin folded with the top layer larger. Fold the top layer up followed by the bottom to make evenly spaced edges. Turn the napkin over. Fold in both edges and then fold them in again. Insert the silverware.

How to fold the Twin Pockets Napkin

Ease of Folding: The Twin Pockets is more difficult to fold, and takes more time, than many others.

Fabric: Any fabric can be used. However, turning over very soft fabric tends to disturb the folds.

Precision: Accurate folding is moderately important because the final design looks much better if the two sets of pockets line up accurately.

Variations: The width and height of the pockets can be varied by modifying the inital folds and the width of the flaps in frames 5 and 6.

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