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Napkin Rippled Points

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Animation: Napkin Rippled Points Folding (Triangle)Animation: Napkin Rippled Points Folding
Napkin Rippled Points Folding (Triangle)

Napkin Rippled Points Folding

Start with the Napkin prefolded as a triangle with the long side away from you. Fold each corner away from you to meet each other. Fold one side across the center and back. Repeat with the other side. Turn the napkin over. Tuck the long tail under the central flap. Turn the napkin over again.

How to fold the Napkin Rippled Points

Ease of Folding: The napkin Rippled Points fold is moderately complicated because of the need to turn the napkin over and the time taken to neatly tuck in the long tail.

Fabric: Any fabric can be used but if really soft fabric is used, the ponta will be disturbed when the long tail is being tucked in.

Precision: The folding is worth doing accurately so that the tips of each side and the ripples all line up.

Uses: The Rippled Points Fold makes an unusual and elegant design for a formal dinner.

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